Firearms Testing and Evaluation
Click on an image above for a high resolution image of some example firearms being evaluated and tested.

           Complete and extensive firearms testing and evaluation is available to determine the operational and functional characteristics of the firearm. These tests document the current condition of the firearm and include:

Documentation - the firearm is thoroughly inspected and documented to record its condition as received
Function Testing - the firearm is first inspected and functioned with dummy ammunition noting any difficulties in mechanical condition found. Later, after all other tests are performed, the firearm is tested with live ammunition (if it is found safe to test fire), and test fired exemplars are kept for microscopic examinations.
Trigger pull tests to determine the force(s) necessary to pull the trigger and discharge the firearm using extremely accurate gauges (traceable to NIST standards)
Check for accidental firing test - determination of the mechanical condition of the firearm
Examination of internal parts - to determine if parts have been altered (filed, broken, etc.) since the firearm was manufactured.

          Many of these tests are used to determine the ultimate question of whether a firearm can accidentally discharge or not as a function of the mechanical condition of the weapon.