Areas of Expertise
Forensic Ballistics- Firearm Examination and Testing
Bullet and Cartridge Case Examinations and Comparisons
Ammunition Evaluation and Testing
Shooting Scene Reconstructions
Shooting Accident Reconstructions
Shooting Scene Re-enactments
Distance Determinations from Gunshot Wounds & Clothing
Gunshot Residue Analysis (GSR) and GSR Consultation
Tool Mark Examinations and Comparisons
Gun Safety & Design Issues
Serial Number Restorations
Crime Scene Examinations and Consultations

Formal Education
Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama - Attended from fall of 1969 through spring of 1971.
University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia - Transferred to Georgia in the fall of 1971 and graduated in June of 1975. Worked both part-time and full-time while in school.

Specialized Training
"Managing for Performance" - GBI-GA State Merit System - 1999
"Introductory Management Training for Supervisors" - Career Track Seminars - Fort Worth, TX - 1999
Tire-Track - Characteristics and Identification School - GBI - 1990
Criminal Profiling Workshop, GBI - 1990
SIG-Sauer Pistol Armorer's Course - 1990
Glock Pistol Armorer's Course - 1990
Smith & Wesson Revolver & Pistol Armorer's Schools - 1987
F.B.I. Academy - Specialized Techniques in Firearms Identification School - 1985
F.B.I. Academy - Gunpowder & Gunshot Residue School - 1984
F.B.I. Academy - Hairs & Fibers School - 1981
Polarized Light Microscopy Workshop by Walter McCrone - 1970
Beretta Pistol Armorer's School - 1993
Colt Armorer's School - 1992
Ruger Pistol Armorer's School - 1993
Ruger Rifle Armorer's School - 1993
Ruger Revolver Armorer's School - 1993
Blood Spatter Pattern Workshop, GBI 1985
Crime Scene Investigation Workshop, SWAFS 1993
Fingernail Striae Symposium - AFTE 1991
Shooting Scene Reconstruction Workshop - AFTE 1994
Trajectory Analysis Workshop - AFTE 1995
Guest Lecturer at FBI Academy - 1996 - Seminar on Shooting Scene Reconstructions
NRA Range Building Seminar - Arlington, TX - 2001
Wound Ballistics Workshop by Dr. Vincent DiMaio - AFTE 2002
Ricochet Workshop by Lucien Haag - AFTE 2002
Shooting Scene Reconstruction School - 2002 - Gunsite Ranch
Simplified Gunshot Residue Analysis - AFTE 2005
Hi-Point Armorer's Course - AFTE 2005
Microscopy Database Workshop - AFTE 2013
Double Casting Firearms Evidence - AFTE 2013
Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist - AFTE 2015
Shooting Scenes - Staged or Not Staged - AFTE 2016
Manufacturing Facilities Toured:
- SWD Firearms Inc. - 1989
- Fabrique Nationale - 1989
- Smith & Wesson - 1987
- Winchester - 1987
- Wilson Firearms - 1987
- Ruger Firearms - 1987
- Ranger Manufacturing (Walther Firearms) - 1987
- Remington Ammunition Plant - 1997
- American Derringer Corp - 1998


Over 35+ years of full time experience as a Forensic Firearms & Toolmarks (Forensic Ballistics) Examiner & Criminalist. Also has worked over 16 years (both part-time & full-time) as a forensic firearms consultant, and has worked full-time for over the past 12 (twelve) years as the Laboratory Director of the Alliance Forensics Laboratory, Inc. Additionally, has worked as an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Texas teaching a course in Forensic Microscopy the past 10 (ten) years in the FEPAC accredited Forensic Science Program at UNT. Richard is a member of the Texas Association of Crime Lab Directors, and is a board member of The American Congress of Forensic Science Laboratories.

At this point in Richard's career he has worked in total well over 10,000 firearms related, toolmarks related, and gunshot residues related cases including numerous crime scene examinations & shooting scene reconstructions. In total, Richard has testified or been deposed more than 1000 times in criminal & civil cases including State, Superior, Military and Federal Courts in Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Colorado, Montana, Massachusetts, California and the Virgin Islands in the fields of Forensic Firearms & Toolmark Identification, Gunshot Residues Analyses, Arson Examinations, Crime Scene Examinations, Gun Range examinations & consultations, and Shooting Scene Examinations & Reconstructions. A current list of cases & depositions covering the last four + years is available upon request.

Number of Cases
Over 20,000 firearms examined and tested
Over 10,000 cases worked during career

Testimony Experience
Testified over 1000 times in State & Federal Courts
(GA, AL, LA, TX, OK, AR, MO, IL, KS, IA, FL, TN, NY, NC, & Virgin Islands).
Numerous depositions. (List Available)

Professional Affiliations
The Association of Firearms & Toolmarks Examiners
  (Distinguished Membership - since 1992)
The Southern Association of Forensic Scientists
The American Academy of Forensic Sciences
The Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists
The American Society of Crime Lab Directors
The National Rifle Association - Life Member
The American Conference of Forensic Science Laboratories (Board)

Services Available
Case Review and Re-examination of Evidence
Firearms Testing and Evaluation
Firearm Bullet and Cartridge Case Comparisons
Ammunition Evaluation and Testing
Cartridge Case Ejection Pattern Tests
Tool Mark Examinations and Comparisons
Shooting Scene Reconstruction
Shooting Accident Reconstruction
Shooting Scene Re-enactments
Gunshot Residue Analysis (GSR) and GSR Consultation
Distance Determinations from Gunshot Wounds & Clothing
Gun Safety and Design Issues
Serial Number Restorations
Crime Scene Examinations and Consultations
Expert Witness Testimony
Depositions and Case Preparation Consultant