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          Welcome to the homepage of this extensive Forensic Science website. My name is Richard Ernest, and I'm an award winning forensic scientist and consultant with over 25 years of experience in the field. During my career I've worked literally thousands of forensic cases, and testified hundreds of times. I've performed work on such notable cases as the Atlanta Murdered & Missing Children (Georgia vs. Wayne Williams), the Branch Davidian cases from Waco, the Texas Cadets Murder (Texas vs. David Graham and Dianne Zamora), the Miami SWAT case (USA vs. Acuna, et. al. - the Richard Brown case), and the Jayson Williams case (NJ vs. Jayson Williams). I've also had a great deal of experience working as a forensic consultant in civil case & criminal case matters. I've worked closely with insurance company lawyers, and literally saved their companies millions of dollars by scientifically proving fraudulent claims. I've also worked closely with civil case lawyers litigating officer involved shootings.

          At this point in my career, I'm one of a very few private forensic ballistics consultants in the United States. I also own and operate my own independent forensic firearms laboratory (see Alliance Forensics Laboratory). I've worked cases all across the United States. My clients include law enforcement agencies, district attorney's offices, civil and criminal case lawyers, private individuals, journalists, writers, educators and students.

          My main areas of expertise are firearms identification (ballistics), shooting scene reconstruction, crime scene reconstruction, and general criminalistics. Additionally, examination & testing is available through my contacts with forensic scientists in other areas of the forensic sciences such as questioned document examination, latent fingerprints analysis, trace evidence, etc. Please feel free to browse this site, and if I can be of assistance to your case please fill out the response form or give me a call (see the contact info section).

          This site was created and is maintained by John R. Ernest. If you need technical assistance or would like to contact him regarding web development and design for your business or personal needs feel free to send him an email at