TX vs. Graham and Zamora, the "Texas Cadets Murder" Case

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          On or about Dec. 4, 1995 a young high school student named Adrianne Jones (see photo above) was murdered, and her body was dumped in a remote location in Grand Prairie, TX. I was present at her autopsy, and provided assistance to the Medical Examiner in gunshot wound characteristics (distance determination estimates). Later, in the laboratory, an examination of the projectiles recovered in the case found them to be 9mm Makarov bullets. This was the first case the Tarrant County Medical Examiners Crime Laboratory (Fort Worth, TX) had involving that particular caliber. Later, in the investigation I matched the murder weapon - a 9mm Makarov pistol - to the projectiles recovered in the case.

          David Graham and Dianne Zamora were both tried and convicted for this murder which gained national attention since both Graham and Zamora were cadets at the Air Force Academy and Naval Academy respectively. The photograph below shows me testifying for the State in the Dianne Zamora trial.