Case Review and Re-examination of Evidence

          As a private forensic consultant, I offer my services to review cases. The following is a list of documents which I find useful in attempting to review a shooting case.

Any and all photographs (videotapes, etc.) of the shooting scene taken by the police and others
Any and all photographs of the victim at the scene and at the autopsy
Any and all police incident reports, investigative reports, shooting scene diagrams, sketches, personal notes, statements taken by the police, etc.
The autopsy report(s)
Reports of the EMT's and Medical Records
List of all physical evidence impounded from the scene
Crime Laboratory reports
Statements of the shooter, witnesses, victim (if available), etc.
Any and all complaints, allegations, pleadings, interrogatories, answers to interrogatories, or other documents gleaned during court proceedings

          Also, as a private forensic consultant, I'm called upon quite often to re-examine firearms case related physical evidence. I've re-examined several cases for District Attorney's offices which have lead to the cases moving forward. Also, I've re-examined evidence in certain cases which have lead to new evidence or exculpatory evidence being discovered. If I can be of service to you please don't hesitate to contact me.