Other Criminalistic Services
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          As an adjunct to the services I provide in the fields of Forensic Ballistics, I have specialized training and experience in the following fields:

1) Hair & Fiber Identification

          The photographs above depict the near contact gunshot entry hole to a victim's dark blue wool sweater. The middle photomicrograph shows wool fibers from an unaffected area of the sweater. The photomicrograph on the right shows wool fibers from the area surrounding the gunshot entry hole depicting classic heat damage to the fiber from the muzzle blast.

2) Footwear Identification

          This photograph depicts a shoeprint in dust lifted with a tape lift from the crime scene.

3) Tire Track Identification

          These photographs depict an inked impression of a tire on the truck belonging to the suspect.

4) Blood Spatter Pattern Interpretation

          The photograph above depicts the firearm in the hand of the victim of a case of a murder made to look like a suicide.

5) Lamp Filament Examinations

          The photograph above depicts an automobile headlight filament showing the presence of fused glass on the filament. This is an indication the filament was on at the time the headlight was broken.

6) Trace Evidence on Bullets

          The bullets depicted above show how trace evidence (in this case-wood fibers) can become trapped in the hollow point cavity in the nose of the bullet. Such trace evidence can be crucial in certain cases to aid in determining sequence of shots, intermediate targets struck before the victim, etc.